Thursday, February 09, 2006

今天參加教會的活動 主題是蘇格蘭之夜 除了跳蘇格蘭舞之外還聽了他們歌頌haggis(羊肚包雜碎)的美味(「向haggis誦詩」這習俗,叫做to address the haggis) 當然我還親口嚐了它的滋味 不過由於沒搭配其他配料 因此口味有點重 就像豬血糕加豬肝 所以我覺得應該加甜辣醬
Today I joined a church's activity and the topical was "Night of Scottish". I learned Scottish dancing and ate
the Scottish famous food "Haggis". It was very special for me but the Haggis for me was a little strange.


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